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Rates, Deposits and Payments 

Weekend Deposits


If you want to pay your deposit via PayPal,

click the “Deposits” button below to go to PayPal and pay your deposit.


After making your deposit payment, you will then be brought to the RSVP Form so you can fill out the RSVP questionnaire in order to complete your reservation.


Until both of these occur (deposit payment and RSVP form completion), you are not registered for the event.


Instead of paying the deposit, you may pay in full at this time using PayPal. Please, below or see Rates, Deposits and Payments  for all of the details of this option.

Payments in Full using PayPal (in addition to, or instead of, paying the deposit)


Instead of paying the deposit, you may also pay in full via paypal now or at any time. Since there are so many rate choices and time periods, its difficult to construct paypal buttons for all the different scenarios.


 However, all that you need to do to pay is full is the following:


A) Calculate what you owe, based on the rate tables below for the deadline in question ( make sure to subtract any deposits you might have paid already from this total amount.

B) Log into your account at  PayPal and send the monies to the following email address:



That’s it, your done!


If you are paying in full instead of paying the deposit, after visiting PayPal, you must then go to our RSVP Site and complete the RSVP Form in order to be properly registered for the event, and ensure that you get the price for the deadline in question.


All payments must be in no later than Monday, June 29 2015  otherwise you may not be allowed to come on the weekend.


Thank you for your cooperation with these matters. We need to pay the Retreat Center in full while we are at the event, so we need to be able to deposit the monies in order to make payment to the Retreat Center within their deadlines.