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Sunset at Haleakala Crater—January 2005© David Brotsky

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What Kind of Group is Davetrek Adventures?


Davetrek Adventures offers a wide range of kosher outings and outdoor activities, including hiking, boating, camping, weekends away, BBQs, biking, concert outings and cooking classes, among the many events we offer in the NY area. In existence since 1997, Davetrek Adventures has created a friendly community of participants from around the New York region, and from places far afield.


We are a pluralistic group for Jews of all types and denominations and we strive to be a diverse group that is representative of the community.  In order to make things accessible to all, the events are kosher and observe Shabbat but people of all observance levels are welcome and regularly attend.


We have a balanced mix of singles, couples, single parents with kids, grandparents and families of all types. We attract people in most age ranges, from young children to seniors in their seventies, often with people in every decade in between.  Visit our previous events page to see some of the events we have offered over recent years.


We often have a lot of new people that come to events, and many have formed great friendships with people from the group. Many dozens of people have told us that through attending the events, they met some of their best friends and years later are in touch with people they met on a day hike, weekend, etc. Davetrek Adventures has even had three couples meet at the events and get married!


 In addition, several dozen dating couples have indicated that they were helped during the dating process to strengthen their bonds, thus helping in the process leading to engagement and marriage. Our events offer a relaxed venue to socialize and get to know one another, especially on our weekend events. The group seeks to have people take part in the event and inculcate a sense of responsibility by helping out with organizing and assisting at events and activities, to help reduce costs and to allow everyone to play a small part in the success of the group.




Originally dating back to 1997, when David Brotsky organized some small events for a few friends in New York and New Jersey, Davetrek Adventures has gradually grown in scope and geographical reach and now has almost 2500 email addresses on the mailing list. Over the years we have organized over 25 weekend events and more than 100 events of all shapes and sizes. Our group was also featured in a 2007 article on  groups that organize kosher outdoor trips and events..


 In 2005, David traveled around the world, and shared stages of his trip with a range of Davetrek participants, visiting 18 countries. David flew over 50,000 miles, traveled on over 40 flights, rented more than a dozen cars, stayed in over 40 locations, met Prince Charles in Fiji, hiked in several extinct volcanoes and relaxed during the trip on two tropical islands. As well as founding and organizing Davetrek Adventures trips, David Brotsky is the outdoor activity guide, all-round hi-tech and gadget advisor, as well a practicing attorney.For more details of the ‘Round The World’ Trip, especially the Prince Charles encounter, visit David’s travel blog.


Current Events, Facebook and Email List



Davetrek Adventures welcomes new participants. For more information on current events and to sign up for our mailing list, visit us at You can also join our Facebook Group.


We hope to see you at an event soon!


David Brotsky


Davetrek Adventures

Hang Gliding in


New Zealand

Hiking in Norvin Green State Park,

Ringwood, NJ